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narrated by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah considers reading her greatest indulgent.

A few more tidbits....
Oprah values self care - spirituality - friendships- inspiring collaborative work - jammie lounge Sunday's - justice - free will - home - private time - giving and doing her
best - shopping smart - great food - silence - mindfulness matters - gratitude - meditation - commitment to oneself - love - etc. etc. etc.

"While words often have the power to destroy.they also have the power to

Oprah's voice, inspiration, and ginger/peach tea, kept me company today
while resting in the sauna, and soaking in the pool.

This 3 hour audiobook was a surprise warm-feeling-humanity-treat.
As I finished it the last sentence,
Paul came home, (karma reward), with a small cup of handmade- *Fiorello's* Espresso Gelato. (made in Marin).
The flavor was explosive!

Sincere thanks to Oprah... for the humanitarian gifts!
Her wisdom reminders about being all we can be.... certainly didn't hurt me at all!

Thanks to my husband for being the incredible love in my life.

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