The Long Con – Lexxi James

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Just finished The Long Con by the fabulous Lexxi James!!! What a fabulous read! Their is plenty of steamy moments and great chemistry and banter between between the main characters and alittle suspense and build up as well. I loved Jaclyn she is a strong sexy confident woman who has made it in a man's world with intelligence and a take charge attitude! And Richard is so hot! A total package good looks, charisma and very smooth talking pantie melting kind of guy who has found a way into jaclyn's intercircle though someone who's close to her. He has changed his looks and personality to pull one of the biggest con's to get close to the one woman he has wanted and longer for many years and he's running out of time! If she starts putting things together too fast the fall out and her fury from being lied to and conned will end whatever hope he had in making her his! Their are so many surprise appearances from some of the characters from Lexxi's Alex Drake series and a big reveal of the insider who was helping richard behind the scenes!!!! I can't say much,but I will end with this..... If you like your romance with a edge of suspense and a lot of sexual banter and great comebacks and one liners and some steamy hot sex scenes this is the book for you!!! In my opinion it can be read as a standalone,but take my word you'll want to know more about the extra players!!! Especially one hot as fuck Latin heartthrob and a lady who's sexual appetite and adventures are legendary!!! Until next time luv's

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