the art of choosing

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Here are a few lines from the wiki profile of the author

Sheena Iyengar was born in Toronto, Canada in 1969. Her parents had emigrated there from Delhi, India.
When Iyengar was three years old, she was diagnosed with a rare form of retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited disease of retinal degeneration. By 6th grade, Iyengar had lost the ability to read, and by 11th grade, she had lost her sight entirely and could only perceive light. Iyengar's life had also taken another turn in high school; when she was 13, her father died of a heart attack.

I found the above fact very intriguing and it played a part in making me finally picking up the book.

The thing that I remember most from the book is a passage where she has written about a general person's personality traits and behaviors. While reading this passage I got the feel as if it has been written exclusively for me and as if she is talking about my very own personality. A little spooky, huh

This will be an extremely eventful ride for everyone especially those who have not already read any of the behavioral gurus like Gladwell, Ariely or Tim Harford.

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