Space Struck by Paige Lewis

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I was emotionally struck over and over (most often with satisfied smiles) by Paige Lewis' debut collection of poetry. The voices of these poems are tender and cheeky and gloriously absurd, and I still keep finding places to hide in these poems. This is my way of saying there is a lot of room to make these poems what you want them to be, and for as many times as you want to come back to them.

The speakers, sometimes over the course of a single poem, will remind me of myself at one turn, my wife at another, and then hit a deeper version of myself I'm still understanding. It was fun tracing the motifs throughout the book (stars, saints, self-understanding, "my beloved"), and I love how they made me feel large and safe in my difference.

Learning to live as a queer man in my early 40s has its challenges-some days I feel both closer to myself but farther from the world. But it's more often poetry, like the generous, playful, amphibious speakers of Lewis' poems that ground me in this larger human world, fill me with possibility, and make me happy to be weird/imaginative/wild/hopeful me and more connected to "my beloved."

Favourite line: "Tell me, how do I steady my gaze / when everything I want is in motion"

Favorite poem: "When I Tell My Beloved I Miss the Sun, He Knows" (which is available at

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