Something Wonderful Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway Revolution

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Such an appropriate title, SOMETHING WONDERFUL is indeed all that. Purdum's tour of the American musical theater through the eyes, ears and lips of its' greatest composers was simply a joy to read. I have been singing the songs and his praises all weekend. I would assume cats are tone deaf since mine actually seemed to enjoy the musical rapture that I shared.

This is not just a biography of "then they did and then..." rather this is a delightful tale of the masters of music and the people around them. The style is so fluid that it is a marvelous read. I loved the little anecdotes and the story of their various relationships with others in the musical theater.

Yes, I am an a great fan of the American Songbook so this book was personally pleasing to me, but I certainly highly recommend it for its' readability and the shared love of the music of these geniuses.

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