Own Your Self – Kelly Brogan

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This is a book whose time has come. I would recommend it to every single person because even if you are firmly entrenched in the medical-industrial paradigm and are still chasing a "pill for every ill" or still blindly following your doctor's advice even though you know it isn't working, the introduction of another way to live is huge in and of itself.

Anyone who has followed Dr. Brogan's work for any length of time will be clear that she was meant to write this book at this time. She offers a new yet ancient path for radical health and healing that puts the individual fully in the driver's seat and she does so with love, light, and a hell of a lot of science. It would be hard for a person without Brogan's beyond-impressive resume to write and publish a book as radical as this one. We are fortunate to have her as a pioneer and champion for true health and vitality.

Brogan sifts through confusing messages that have us believing that we are fundamentally sick and broken and in need big pharma and their fancy little foot soldiers (aka doctors) to parcel out our required medicine and string us along while we become sicker and poorer.

She challenges the dogmatic religion of scientism and how it drives a dangerous wedge between us and our highest source. Is it really true that we were born faulty, with non-working immune systems that couldn't possibly protect us under the right conditions without health-destroying lab concoctions

She offers a way to get off the merry-go-round and reclaim our powerful autonomy. It can sound like an overwhelming impossibility but I assure you it is not. It is however, an audacious process and the beauty of this book is that every step of this process is held in the highest regard, validated, and respected.

I have now read A Mind of Your Own and Own Your Self and in doing so, I feel less alone in a world where I have watched those I hold most dear lose their peace of mind, their health, and even their lives at the hands of a sick, dysfunctional, and driven-by-profit medical system. I have walked my path with a heart broken many times over and my resolve has strengthened.

Read the book! Know that there is more beyond it so that it doesn't end here.

BRB Rating: Own It.

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