how to read a person like a biok

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There are many levels of communications going on when a person interacts with the world, verbal, physic, and body language. Try as a person might, they cannot monitor all of these channels completely. By being observant, one can gain a truer assessment of what a person is trying to convey. This book seeks to draw your attention to the body language of people, and gain a increase insight into their true mental state.

Party scenes are analyzed, couples in public are studied, students in a class room are looked at, and people's behavior at a conference are evaluated. From a simple nose scratch, to a chin rub, to high/low folded arms, to all the other subtle moments that add up to complete sentences as to what a person is feeling is covered in detail in this book. Also there are quotes from luminaries throughout the books as support for the material presented.

The name of the game is to be aware, and by paying attention you begin to see patterns or cluster gestures as the book calls them. These taken together chancels out forced or inadvertent movements.
For those who think they know how to read a person, this book will supplement what you think you know, and for those that can't take a hint this text will only add to your social grace.

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