Dark Ecology For a Logic of Future Coexistence

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A challenging book to read and assimilate. New terms, new ideas (that are really old ideas being brought to light), and a style of writing that is truly aesthetic. Morton explores the philosophy of the current ecological paradigm and how we got to where we are. He also investigates where we need to go from here. He explains how current environmentalism is missing the mark, totally, because it's based on the thinking of the old paradigm. We need a new way of speaking about the web of life and its interconnectedness. Morton starts that conversation with new terms such as "agrilogistics" and "ecognosis" and "arche-lithic." This is not a book to be understood as much as it is a book to experience, ponder, and settle into.

I will say that I had the advantage of reading this book in a group setting over just a few days. We were able to discuss and flesh out concepts that otherwise would have gone unnoticed for me. The group was facilitated by a woman who is well educated, has college level teaching experience, and has a passion for language. Yes, I had an unfair advantage.

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